Here’s a list of work from elsewhere on the internet. Beware what’s old and wrinkly. If a link is broken I’ll scrounge for bandages.


Setapp.com (copy for main site and user cabinet)

Email Campaigns, Etc. (a Dropbox folder with a mish-mosh of work)

Jack Morris’s Instagram @doyoutravel (lead campaign)

A Tale of Technological Terror

Unbox Therapy: The Best Laptop For Most People? (intro ad)

Family Plan Announcement

Teach Me to Taskheat

MarginNote Mines Text for Gold


Sustainability in the Startup Era

The Catharsis of Simplification

Tomorrow’s Carbon Valley

Coding the Creator

One Nation Over God

AI: The New God

The Word Was Google

Watch for L’Heure Luxe

The Aphrodite of Productivity

HyperX — Your Next Specs?

Firefly 2017 Advanced and Post Coverage

Do you really own your tattoos?

Ask a World Class Ballerina & Sexual Assault Survivor

Felix Gray — Yay or Nay?

Holocene Horror

Adequacy, Apathy, and the Last Cookie

Freeform № 1

Ekphrasis № 1

Hot Press Magazine

Kaleidoscope’s the mask, the muse & Mishima”

More on Hot Press


Apple Podcasts

Podcast Ep. 1 Wilderado

Podcast Ep. 2 Sofi Tukker

Podcast Ep. 3 ROZES

YouTube Ep. 5 (preceding episodes archived)

Muhlenberg College

Ninth Annual Innovation Challenge (competition winner)

Berg Beauty in the 1940s

Hiding the Body (video editor)

The clowns—a laughing matter?